Exposed! Why AirPods Connected but No Sound iPhone? Outstanding Ways

Experiencing the frustration of AirPods connected but no sound is not uncommon. This guide will take you through the troubleshooting process of this error and offer a better audio experience. Through the connecting bit, software, Physical Obstructions, and hardware angles, you can solve the AirPods are connected but no sound problem. Bring your audio to another level with these easy steps.
AirPods connected but no sound
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Why are My AirPods Connected But No Sound?

AirPods Pro or AirPods should seamlessly pair with your iPhone, but a common glitch may occur, where they indicate connected with your iPhone but no sound. Learn about the basic issue, and show why are your AirPods connected but no sound iPhone.

Verify Connectivity: 

Checking the connectivity is the initial step of doing the troubleshooting on the AirPods connected but no sound problem. Set up a stable Bluetooth connection between your AirPods and the device you use. Disconnecting AirPods from all devices and reconnection is a troubleshooting option that helps to make sure that the integrity of the connected link is not compromised by any connectivity issues. It guarantees wireless audio signals are transmitted normally before moving to address the sound question and get you back to the audio experience.

Volume Check: 

To confirm whether your device’s volume is turned on and the output audio is set to AirPods, this is a crucial practice to diagnose AirPods connected but no sound problem. At times, the solution is just right there - you simply have to adjust the volume settings. The step will ensure that the audio is fed to the correct output, thus avoiding any hindrance to the way you hear it. Please check these settings at all times to rule out any playback volume-related problems and get the highest audio quality.

airpods are connected but no sound

Software Glitches: 

The likely cause of the aggravating AirPods connected but no sound problem lay behind software glitches. Updating both your device and AirPods firmware is a way to fix compatibility issues that show up sometimes. Regularly checking for and installing any available software updates is crucial for smooth operation and smooth sound processing. The most logical and simple solution is to provide all your software with the latest updates which should help with preventing as well as resolving these frequent issues.

Physical Obstructions: 

To resolve the AirPods connected but no sound issue, it is important to check for AirPods physical obstructions. Check whether your AirPods contain any dirt or obstructions that could impact the audio quality. Clearing the speaker grills of dust or lint means the best sound quality and eliminating potential physical barriers that could affect your audio experience.

Bluetooth Interference: 

Bluetooth interference can cause an interruption of the connection between your AirPods and device, which could result in AirPods connected but no sound iPhone. To counter this problem, avoid Wi-Fi locations that are crowded and thus prone to interference. This guarantees a strong Bluetooth signal, preventing disturbances that can disrupt your listening enjoyment. By choosing a less populated place, you can frequently fix connectivity problems and let the soundtrack play back without stuttering.

airpods connected but no sound iphone

Hardware Issues: 

AirPods being physically connected, but no sound playing can be a hardware problem, as well. In case your software and connectivity solutions don’t work properly, please contact Apple Support or an authorized service provider. They, therefore, diagnose and deal with any hardware-related problems your AirPods might have, thus achieving perfect performance and explaining the sound problem in brief.

Check Battery Levels: 

When the AirPods connected but no sound problem arises, checking the battery levels of your AirPods becomes an important task. Low battery levels may cause sound disruptions during playback. Make sure the AirPods are well charged to avoid any possible issues that may be due to power. The phone’s being kept charged allows for sustained sound performance, so there are no sound problems related to insufficient power.

How to Fix: AirPods are Connected but No Sound iPhone

Finding your AirPods connected to your iPhone but no sound coming from them is an annoying problem. Now we will assist in finding straightforward yet reliable steps in troubleshooting and fixing this issue to let iPhone users enjoy uninterrupted sound.

Keep AirPods Back in the Case: 

Closing the lid after placing your AirPods in the case might solve the problem of unplayable sounds on your iPhone. Hold the setup button on the back of the case for a long press until the status light blinks amber. So, pair your AirPods to your iPhone again and check if the sound problem is fixed.

Reset Your AirPods: 

Resetting AirPods usually solves the problem of them being connected yet creating no sound on iPhones. To do this, put them back into their case (keep the lid open), and press and hold the setup button located behind the case until the status light flashes amber. Now, rejoin AirPods with your iPhone to test if the sound problem is fixed.

If you have no iPhone, no problem, you can reset AirPods without an iPhone.

why are my airpods connected but no sound

Bluetooth OFF & ON Again: 

Sometimes, simply turning the Bluetooth back off and then on again can successfully resolve the problem of AirPods connected but no sound iPhone. To do this, go to Settings > Bluetooth on the iPhone and then turn the switch to Off, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back On. Relink your AirPods to see if the sound problem still exists. This simple act may restart the Bluetooth connection, fixing any troubles with the signal and the sound problem.

Disable Automatic Ear Detection: 

Disabling the Automatic AirPods Ear Detection can fix the problem of having AirPods connected but no sound iPhone. To do so, go to your iPhone’s Settings > go to Bluetooth > tap on your AirPods name> and disable the "Automatic Ear Detection" option. Try reconnecting the AirPods to see if the audio problem still occurs. Disabling this option could be the remedy for this unstable connection and the sound production not working.

Update iPhone Software: 

Update the software of your iPhone to fix the AirPods problem where the AirPods are connected but no sound on iPhone. Make sure that your internet connection is stable, then go to Settings app > General section > Software Update option. Prepare for an update when requested. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it. New software can eliminate compatibility problems and make system run faster back to your AirPods you will have the sound.

why airpods connected but no sound

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In conclusion, we hope the article proved to be useful and educative for you. So, the next time when you experience any issue like your Airpods connected but no sound iPhone, use the guidance provided here to serve you. In case the solutions described in this article don’t work, you can call the nearest Apple Service Centre for professional help. Find out if your AirPods are under warranty because the cost of repair or replacement may be lower if it is.


Why does my airpods connected but no sound?

The problem of not playing despite the earphones being connected can be the result of the following reasons: Bluetooth connectivity issues, incorrect settings or Automatic Ear Detection, outdated firmware, or interference.

Do AirPods drain your phone battery?

No, as AirPods do not drain your phone’s battery significantly. They have a battery and pair with your phone by Bluetooth. This Bluetooth uses a minimal amount of energy from your phone. On the flip side, it is also important to note that turning on your phone's Bluetooth can drain the battery a bit, although it is quite negligible.

Can you reset dead AirPods?

No, you have no way to restart dead AirPods. AirPods reset requires some long-lasting charge. To completely restart dead AirPods, plug them in and charge them first, then try to reset them. As for the device, if it gets charged you can do the routine steps for doing the reset.

Are AirPods waterproof?

No, AirPods are not water-resistant. These can be used in damp areas but they are not completely waterproof and should be kept away from the water.

How long do AirPods last?

Listening to music on AirPods lasts 5 hours on a single charge. The talk time is 3 hours. With the charging case, you can receive multiple charges thus having your total listening time extended to over 24 hours. However, the battery life may differ depending on usage, settings, and environmental factors.