How to Reset iPad Without Apple ID Password! Official Way

There are many Apple iPad users in today's world, but most of them do not know how to reset iPad without apple id password. Sometimes an iPad user forgets their Apple ID password or sells the iPad to someone else, requiring a reset iPad without apple id password.

Restore iPad without Apple id password can be a difficult task if you don't remember your Apple ID password, but don't worry, because we have all the relevant information on how to reset an iPad without Apple ID password. We will provide step by step guide to reset your iPad without relying on Apple ID password. Also, we will see the guide on how to unlock iPad without Apple ID password.

Reset iPad Without Apple ID Password

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Why Reset iPad Without Apple ID Password

Here's a glimpse into common reasons prompting a factory reset iPad without Apple ID password of your trusted iPad:
  • Forgotten Apple ID Password: In an attempt to restore and repair the fact, reboot is the cure.
  • Acquired a Pre-owned iPad: Additionally, an Apple ID that the thief falsely opts out of and factory reset ensures that the phone will be useless.
  • Preparing for Resale or Gifting: Don't say goodbye until you erase, verify that the user might begin anew when the job is done.
  • Addressing Persistent Problems: The reset removes the spider’s work and dust which leads to hours of searching for files, programs, or other functions.
  • So on, we will explore the said issues. Be mindful of the fact that a reset is designed on the basis of your particular goals.
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Reset iPad Without Apple ID Password by iTunes

It is completely possible to factory reset iPad without Apple ID password. You can easily do this using iTunes. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

  • Pair your iPad with a computer that has the updated version of iTunes installed.
  • Start iTunes on your computer and make sure you select the iPad as the device for music and video playback.
  • Now place your iPad in recovery mode. For anyone using an iPad with Face ID, press the volume up button and release it, press and release the volume down button, then hold down the top button till the recovery mode appears. You press and hold both the home and top (or side) buttons at the same time until, on the iPad with a home button, the recovery mode screen shows up to you.
  • iTunes will differentiate your iPad in the recovery mode and ask for updating or restoring depending upon the current state of your device.
  • Go to the "Restore" menu when you don't have the password of the Apple ID; you can dispose of your iPad by resetting the default settings.
  • Click on the provided link and proceed with the reset procedure shown on the screen.
  • When the restart is completed, then, either this iPad is set up as a new device or restored to back up from before.

factory reset ipad without apple id password

Reset iPad Without Apple ID Password by iCloud

If you forget your Apple ID, it's entirely possible to reset iPad without Apple ID password via iCloud. Follow the steps below to reset the iPad properly.

  • Get into the iCloud website on a different device or computer.
  • OS – the Apple ID associated with the iPad which is intended to be reset.
  • Hit the "Find My" subsection/category "All Devices" in order to approach the devices you have lost.
  • Select the iPad you want to see the password of from the Device list.
  • There will be a button that is labeled "Erase iPad". Click on this button to kick-start the erasing process.
  • You need to follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen in order to perform the reset.
  • After a simple reset link is generated, the iPad will be wiped without any traces of data set through a remote operation.
  • If you are preparing to set up your new iPad, select New iPad or go for restore if a backup exists.

reset ipad without apple id password

Reset iPad Without Apple ID Password by DFU Mode

To reset iPad without Apple ID password using DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode, follow these steps:

  • Plug in your iPad to the computer directly with a USB cable.
  • Opens iTunes on your PC (or Finder if you're using macOS Catalina and later).
  • Disconnect your iPad by holding the power button for several seconds and a red vertical line will appear, drag it down to shut the device off.
  • Now when the iPad is again off, give the Power button a long press for three seconds.
  • Even while holding the Press of Power button, keep pressing the Home button (for iPads with a Home button) or the Volume Down button (for iPads without a Home button) until the Apple logo appears.
  • Press the Power button, however, still hold the Home (or Volume Down) repeatedly for 5 more seconds.
  • Until a dark wallpaper is installed on your iPad screen by turning off its display. If your iTunes (or Finder) notices your device in DFU mode, just release the Home button (or down the camera).
  • Choose iTunes (or Finder) as the backup device on your iPad and click on the Restore button.
  • You can wipe your iPad completely with this process and the data and settings will be deleted, including your Apple ID, along with the factory settings.
  • Once the restore has been completed, set up your iPad as a new device. The signing-in option with an altogether different Apple account thereafter shall become available.

reset ipad without apple id password

Reset iPad Without Apple ID Password by Contacting the Previous Owner

To reset iPad without Apple ID password or restore iPad without Apple ID by contacting the previous owner, follow these steps below:

  • Get in touch with the last owner and show them the problems you had with the contract, seeking their help.
  • Ask the participants to get into an iCloud account log in and browse to "Find My iPhone".
  • Get them to choose to access the iPad from the device list and to remove it from their iCloud by clicking the "remove button."
  • Make sure that the next owner has his Apple ID erased from the iPad.
  • Now, proceed to factory reset the iPad, which will remove the Apple ID as well as the data associated with that particular account.
  • After we've restarted it, let's begin by setting it up as a new device.
  • You will have the ability to execute a new iPad which will help you to revise your Apple ID and sign in with it using the app separately from this Apple ID password.

reset ipad without apple id password

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In conclusion, reset iPad without Apple ID password or unlock iPad without Apple ID is possible through various methods such as using iCloud, iTunes, or contacting the previous owner. Through implementing these moves, users perceive total ownership of the device when they make a reinstallation and how they restart the device anew without any boundary of forgotten passwords. These approaches assist in the basis of versatility and comfort and give users the opportunity to manage their iPads in an efficient way.


How to unlock iPad without apple id password?

First, use an offline password reset tool to reset an iPad password and then erase the device using iCloud's “Find My iPhone” feature to set it up as new again.

How to factory reset iPad without apple id?

Deleting all data on an iPad effectively without Apple ID is by using the "Find My iPhone" option on iCloud on a different device, selecting the iPad, and clicking on "Erase iPad".

How to remove Apple ID from iPad?

In order to delete an Apple ID from an iPad go to and sign in after that move over to "Find iPhone" and tap on your iPad to send the iPad into Erase mode and remove all data associated with your Apple ID.

How to reset Apple ID password?

To reset your Apple ID password, visit your Apple account page, tap "Forgot Apple ID or password," and then follow the on-screen instructions to set a new password and regain access to your account.

How to recover Apple ID password without iPhone?

In the event that you don’t have an iPhone at hand, open the Apple ID account page using a computer or another device and issue password recovery commands.