Ultimate Way to Fix iPad Black Screen of Death

Many iPad users suffer from a common problem, the iPad black screen of death. There is nothing to despair about iPad black screen problem. In this guide, we'll uncover the secrets to solving the infamous iPad black screen issue. Also, we will try to cause and solve the problem of iPad black screen of death or black screen of death iPad or iPad Pro black screen of death or iPad screen of death or iPad death screen. It could be a problem with the iPad's system or hardware, whatever it is you'll find the solutions you need here!

iPad Black Screen of Death

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Some Causes for Your iPad Black Screen of Death?

There can be several reasons why your iPad screen is black. Below are some common causes of an iPad dark screen:

Hardware Damage:

You might have experienced the iPad black screen of death. Hardware damage is a frequent latter to that phenomenon. Causing internal components might accidentally happen or from impacts has the potential to result in screen damage. Easily damaged are senders' electronic hardware which indicates that they should be careful in handling them.

Software Issues:

Like other devices, iPad software can also appear as iPad glitches due to various operation errors, incompatible apps, or software updates. A battle between various software components of the device disrupts the normal functioning of the device resulting in an iPad black screen of death.

Drained Battery:

Drained battery is a common reason, due to which your beloved iPad may suffer from problems like an iPad black screen of death. When the battery level drops too low due to excessive use of the iPad or not charging the battery, the device may shut down suddenly and the screen may go black.

App Crashed:

If there's no clear answer to what's causing the iPad black screen of death, an app crash is a likely cause. When an application crashes or hangs, it will likely turn the screen black and users may begin to puzzle or reminisce.

You are frustrated When your iPad touch screen not working. Thinking about how to solve it.

9 Ways to Fix iPad Black Screen of Death:

Above you saw the possible causes of an iPad black screen, let's now see how you can solve your iPad Pro dark screen problem:

Check iPad Charging Port:

For help with the difficult iPad black screen of death, you should check the charging port first of all. Being able to keep the port clean or functionalized and un-breached is a condition that allows for a consistent power supply, and so a black screen as the result of disruptions is significantly reduced. The air duster or soft bristle brush can be employed to clean the port thoroughly on the condition of no unintentional disengagement with the charger. This may help to resolve the charging issue normally and restore the iPad's operation.

iPad black screen problem

Charge Your iPad for a While:

The iPad black screen of death problem could be taken care of by a simple solution, charging your device for a long period. A defective battery can lead to the screen loss of power. It is highly advisable to physically plug in the device and then allow it to get charged. In most cases, this practice can help you avoid more severe issues that result in the restoration of your iPad’s preliminary functioning.

black screen of death iPad

Check iPad Brightness:

Get right into the solution to the complex iPad black screen of death, and, for example, you can try the brightness settings. Reduced or complete darkness on episode could be due to the low brightness mode. Try to improve the brightness by adjusting the settings through the menu options or by swiping up from the bottom of the screen which may fix the problem.

iPad Pro black screen of death

Restart Your iPad:

How to resolve the iPad black screen of death issue? Try restarting your device first. When the power button is pressed, the slide will appear, then slide it to the power off. Following it for some time, now you can again push the power button and switch it off. It may be the way to restart again the iPad.

iPad screen of death

Restore iPad with iTunes:

The iPad black screen of death is a persistent error that can be rectified by using iTunes for repairing purposes. Attach your iPad to the PC and start iTunes by clicking the device tab. In case of a failure press "Restore" to its factory state to resolve the problem and regain the use of your device.

Reset Your iPad:

To resolve the vexing iPad black screen of death, try either resetting your device or using DFU mode to do the same. Switch to the Settings app, enter the General, and pick the Reset option. Go ahead by clicking on "Reset All Settings" to bring your iPad back to its state when it was first purchased. This will hopefully remove any software bugs or compatibility issues that may cause the very peculiar effect of that screen turning all black and get your device working again.

Restore iPad in Recovery Mode:

If, despite all the efforts you've made to fix it, your device still has a stuck screen or iPad black screen of death, the best option would be to reset it in recovery mode.

To restore your iPad in recovery mode, follow these steps:
  • Connect your iPad to your computer/laptop with the help of a USB cable.
  • Open iTunes ((or Finder on MacOS Catalina and subsequent versions).
  •  Force restart your iPad.
  •  When prompted to restore or update pick "Restore" to remove your device and simultaneously install the available iOS or iPad OS versions.
  • Let the procedure complete and the device will be restored to the default factory settings of the iPad.
Note that this operation will instruct you to back up all the data in your iPad, hence you may start the procedure after you have backed up the device.

iPad death screen

System Update:

To date this persistent iPad black screen of death, if it is about to be refreshed, you should perform a system update. Find the settings app then General, and finally Software Update. This is on iPad to check for updates. If an update is available, you need to install it; to make sure that your programs run well, also that your computer itself stays safe and secure. Often all it takes is for system updates to be conducted. They usually come with bug fixes or improvements of features that can be the solution to the problem resulting in the black screen and the restoration of functions to your device.

iPad black screen of death

Contact Apple Support:

For continuing iPad black screen of death issues, reaching out to Apple Support may be necessary. Access Apple Support's internet website or the Apple Support app to talk with a representative or call back at any time. Shops can also create personalized assistance for you and lead you through different steps of troubleshooting or arrange services that will solve the problem if needed thus mitigating the iPad black screen issues.

iPad black screen of death

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On a final note, meeting the iPad black screen of death could be the toughest mistake, commonly caused by hardware problems, system bugs, or false triggers. Troubleshooting to rectify any problem is carried out, which can include rebooting the device, checking for software updates, or contacting Apple Support. In most cases, the issue is resolved and the functionality of the iPad is regained, which aims to provide an uninterrupted user experience.


What to do if your iPad is not turning on?

Try 30-minute charging first, and follow it up with the force restart. If it still doesn't turn on, inspect the charging port in the unit check the cable, and call Apple's Support Center if it persists.

Can you force restart a dead iPad?

Although the power button on a dead iPad can be the biggest challenge, a force restart can help bring it back to life. Press the Home which also serves the purpose of Top-down or the Volume Down Top for older models while keeping the Apple logo until it appears.

Can you fix a dead iPad battery?

An exterminator service may be needed to get rid of a tensor magnetic pulse from an iPad. Call Apple support for the battery replacement service so that you can be sure that this is done properly to secure the integrity of your device.

Why is my iPad dead and not charging?

Your iPad may be faulty in the charging process as the charging cable or adapter is damaged, the charging port is damaged, or the battery is weakened. Try to find this set of parts which have some troubles with them.

How do I force my iPad to charge?

One thing you can try is to change the power supply or the adapter. Screw your iPad into a power source of electricity and wait a few minutes. If so, ask them to try it on another Apple device and have them contact Apple Support.