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The iPhone is one of the most influential and used mobile devices used by people all over the world. Due to their powerful chips and top-notch performance, some use them for work while others mainly for personal use. One of the main reasons iPhones are super hyped is because of their camera resolution and graphic skills.

Most influencers, video streamers, and social media rookies use iPhones most of the time for shooting videos or recording pictures. In many cases, friends or families post in comments or make reels on social media about how the photographer mostly turns out to be the owner of an iPhone user, and how everyone bombards the iPhone user’s phone to send all the pictures they took.

But what happens when suddenly comes out the iPhone photo blurry? Nothing can be more frustrating than the blurry iPhone camera on your Apple device. Wondering why your iPhone selfie camera is blurry and how to fix blurry photos on your iPhone? Let us find out!

iPhone photo blurry

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Why Your iPhone Photo Blurry Comes

Here are some of the possible causes of why your iPhone camera blurry pictures:
  • When subjects in the picture move while the iPhone camera shutter is open – it causes motion blur therefore making your iPhone photo blurry. It mostly happens in settings of low light or in abundant light where the shutter speed considerably lowers and makes your iPhone selfie camera blurry.
  • Zooming your iPhone camera beyond the resolution values enables your camera to become blurry and pixelated.
  • Having an incorrect focal length alongside dark, bad lighting of the subject of your iPhone camera results in iPhone photos being blurry.
  • Sometimes the phone case of your iPhone gets in the way of taking pictures making it blurry and dull. The metal or magnetic components of the case interfere with the light waves directed at your iPhone camera blurry it.
  • Another cause for your iPhone photos to be blurry is when your camera shakes hence putting your subjects out of focus, making the images fuzzy.
  • One of the most common reasons why your iPhone camera is blurry is when your camera lens is unclean. Smudges, fingerprints, and all sorts of dirt prevent light from entering the camera thus resulting in fuzzy pictures.
  • Since the camera is software like any other app in iPhone, it might crash sometimes causing problems because of the device's internet stability and connectivity. Consequently, your iPhone pictures come out blurry.
Sometimes your iPhone speaker not working, which is a common problem for iPhone users. Don't panic, some tricks you can solve it.

Tricks to Fix Your Blurry iPhone Camera

Now that you have looked at the causes regarding why your iPhone photo blurry, let’s look at the suggestions to avoid it:
  • Go to the Photos app in your iPhone choosing the image you want to unblur. Click on the Edit button and select Sharpness in the editing tools. Then change the sharpness of the image based on your preference. To save your image, tap Done. The sharper your image, the less blurry your iPhone photo will be.
  • You can also get help from third-party software to make your iPhone image sharp. Adobe Lightroom is the most professional software to unblur your image (Download Adobe Lightroom > Gallery > Detail > Sharpening, Radius > Detail > Masking > Upload). You can also use Snapseed as another alternate app to reduce the blurring of your iPhone image (Download Snapseed > Tools > Details > Sharpening Tool > Structure > Export > Save).
  • Use iCloud storage to keep your iPhone photos in their original form and high resolution. The steps include Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos. Turn on iCloud Photos. Select Optimize iPhone Storage to save space on your device. With Optimize Storage, smaller, space-saving photos and videos are kept on your device while all of your original, full-resolution versions are stored in iCloud, accordingly preventing your iPhone gallery from being fuzzy.
iPhone camera blurry pictures
  • Test your camera settings by experimenting with its features such as exposure, gridlines, mode, and focus. Limit your zoom values and stop using autofocus most of the time to keep your content unblurred.
  • Make sure the lighting of the area you are taking pictures of is doable according to the shutter speed and the focal length is positioned correctly. This will make the iPhone camera to be less fuzzy.
  • Replace your phone case and get a new one if you see that your iPhone camera is working better without it. Get an iPhone case that works well with your camera preventing blurry photos.
  • Keep your hands and camera steady while taking pictures on your iPhone. You can use a tripod as a more suitable option for picture stability.
  • Make sure to clean your camera lens with the aid of a dry clean or microfiber cloth. Avoid wetting it as it might cause damage to your iPhone camera. If you keep your lens clean and clear, it vastly improves the clearness of your photos and prevents blurry iPhone images.
  • If the software causes problems, then restart the camera app on your iPhone. Restarting it might remove any sort of bugs or glitches, so might restore your camera to normal working conditions.
  • Even after restarting your camera app, still makes your iPhone photo blurry, following that restart your iPhone to remove the last bugged remnants to get your camera under normal working conditions. 
Fix iPhone Photo Blurry

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Hopefully, all the tips and suggestions provided above aid in your iPhone camera to be not blurry, consequently helping you create clear content or pictures. Concluding, if none of the methods mentioned in this article work for you, then contact Apple Support as a final resort to guide you in your problems.


How to adjust blur on iPhone?

Click any portrait to view it in full screen, then tap Edit. Drag the Depth Control slider to increase or decrease the background blur effect. A white dot marks the original depth value for the photo. Click Done to save your changes.

How to blur backgrounds on iPhone?

Use Portrait mode on your iPhone to accentuate your subject and blur the background of your shot.

Can you unblur a screenshot on an iPhone?

Yes, you can. To do that open PicWish on Safari. Upload your screenshot and wait for the tool to finish. Click download and save the unblurred screenshot.

How do I blur my iPhone wallpaper?

Follow the steps accordingly: Home Screen > Customize Home Screen > Color > Custom Photo > Blur > Save.

How to fix a blurry background on iPhone?

Settings > Wallpaper > New Wallpaper > Photo > Home Screen. After these steps, at the very bottom right-hand corner, there is a raindrop-looking image that is labeled ‘blur’. Tap that button so it removes the blur from the photo.

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